1. doodle chat spittle.

  2. Something I’ll never finish because I’m a piece of shit.

  3. the-grimdark-emporiums Sofia
    Hummingbird and Punky Fae
    Roxy and ????
    Indra, Motion, Laybug, and Cockwork Prophet

    Some bullshit sketches.

  4. A friend of mine said he liked Mami.

    So I sketched this for him as fast as I could..

  5. From my stream a couple days ago.

    Gucci Mane belongs to JUNK.

    Check out her marvelous art!

  6. I really don’t know what to do with this character…

  7. the-grimdark-emporium:

    My part of the art trade with my talented friend formaldehydeart!

    Hope you like it man~ :3


    Everyone needs to check out The-Grimdark-Emporium right now!

  8. Leftover sketch that I tried to finish…

    Haze belongs to The-Grimdark-Emporium.

  9. Shitty work for a perfect person!

    Part of an art trade with The-Grimdark-Emporium. Haze.

  10. Doodle the day away…